Here's a complete track of the E.S.P CD album 'Dub Division'. Pick the shockwave audio stream that suits your connection and listen to the live-recording of 'Introducing...'.

No players on this page? Got two broken icons instead? Then you need to get the 'shockwave' plug-in, which is available from Macromedia.
The 28k optimised shockwave audio stream below is in mono, the ISDN stream is in stereo. 'Introducing...' is also available for download in MP3 format, (right)click here: Introducing... [3.0 Mb].

Got ISDN or faster connection? Enjoy the track in full stereo by using this player:

If you have a fast modem (28.8k, 33.6k or 56k) use this player:

Listen to the next track called 'In Orbit', click here: In Orbit

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